Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Monday, 6 November 2017


Kalista has joined us at St Anne's in Room 1. Welcome to school!

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Welcome Deakyn

Have a great time in Room 1 now that you are 5 years old!

Happy Birthday Liam

We hope that you had a wonderful birthday in the holidays, Liam.

Term 4

ROOM  1  NEWSLETTER  FOR  TERM  4,  2017.                                        
Dear Parents/ Caregivers,
Term 4 is traditionally a busy term and this year we have much to do in only 9 weeks. As well as our class programme, Room 1 and 2 produce a Christmas Musical for you in the last week of term.
Our focus for Religious Education will begin with CHURCH. This will integrate with our school-wide focus of Social Justice around the idea of Weaving Bonds of Community.  ADVENT will lead us up to the Holy Season of Christmas.
Athletics is taking place in all classes this term as well as continuing with Youthtown and a session with Lancester Park cricket coaching.
 In Room 1, we will be focusing our writing on Story Telling. This will involve much discussion and retelling in order to develop our vocabulary and help to sort our ideas.

As is our tradition, we hope to attend the A&P Show on 15th November and as usual, we rely heavily upon parent help in order to make this possible (not suitable for preschoolers). We also have a trip to the Art Gallery later in the term. More information about this will be in a later school newsletter.